Honor Magic Watch 2 Smartwatch Review & Buying Guide

At present, there are many smartwatches on the market, but there are few Android watches with good experience. Our real demand for smartwatches is to supplement the use scenarios of mobile phones, and will not be used as independent devices. Because of the limitations of the screen of the watch, the mobile phone is still It is the main equipment of the body. Glory Honor Magic Watch 2 has the characteristics of super Bluetooth calling, healthy heart premature beats, independent music playback, dial touch, and so on. It can be well complemented with the use of mobile phones, let’s take a look at my experience.

Honor Magic Watch
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In terms of design, the Honor MagicWatch 2 inherits the classic watch appearance of the first generation, the overall sports style, the integrated glass surface design, and the metal body, which is thinner and lighter than the first generation. There are two versions of 46mm and 42mm. The one in my hand is a 46mm version. The sculptural design around the mirror is rounded and the surface is round and wear-resistant. At the same time, this circle of curved glass watch mirror adopts intaglio moment character technology, which is full of outdoor sports style. The 42mm version has a thinner metal frame, thinner lugs, and a thinner thickness. It is suitable for girls to wear and has an exclusive cherry pink gold color scheme.

The Honor Magic Watch2 uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition precision touch color screen with a screen resolution of 454 * 454. The display effect is clear, the screen color saturation and contrast are both very good, and the visual experience is very comfortable. With 800nits super high brightness, it can be clearly displayed in outdoor sunlight, and there is a flashlight mode for emergency use.

On the right side of the fuselage are two buttons, the up button is the switch and menu buttons, the down button is customizable, you can set contacts and enter sports mode selection, etc., the middle is the speaker.

The left side of the fuselage is a microphone, the back of the fuselage is a high-precision PPG sensor and two charging contacts.

The watch has two kinds of fluorine rubber and genuine leather. The one in my hand is a fluorine rubber strap, which is comfortable for the skin.

Super Bluetooth call: more convenient and faster

Smart watches are pursuing independent calls. Equipping eSIM is the mainstream method, but it is currently limited to operators. There are only a few pilot cities, and eSIM is not available in most regions. Glory MagicWatch 2 is based on the previous generation product, uses Kirin A1’s world’s first BT / BLE dual-mode 5.1 wearable chip, supports Super Bluetooth, greatly improves the connection transmission rate, and meets the watch’s demand for making calls through Super Bluetooth. And with Huawei Honor mobile phones, Bluetooth calling distance can reach 150 meters, ordinary mobile phone Bluetooth can also be used, but the distance is not so far.

First add a contact in the watch, and then you can call through the watch. As mentioned before, the smartwatch is a supplement to the use of mobile phones, using the Honor Magic Watch2 Bluetooth call scene, such as we do housework at home, outdoor walks, go swimming, etc., using the watch to call is obviously more convenient. Through actual tests, the Bluetooth call speed of the Honor Magic Watch2 is very fast, and the call is also very clear, which is much better than the eSIM experience that is currently unavailable.

Healthy heart premature beats: 24/7 monitoring

The heart rate monitoring of smartwatches is not a new function, but how to maximize the monitored data is what manufacturers should consider. Glory MagicWatch 2 launched a heart health research program through 301 Hospital, using high-precision PPG sensors, combined with AI algorithms, can be monitored around the clock. Combined with more than 70 collaborative hospitals on the remote management service platform of 301 Hospital, it can provide users with arrhythmia diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up services, thereby achieving a one-stop service for arrhythmia, which is more than just detecting heart rate, but there is no solution. Smartwatches are too strong. And these services are provided by the 301 hospital remote management service platform, plus the official endorsement of Glory, I am not afraid of the problems of the Putian department, you can rest assured to consult.

As you can see, I use Honor Magic Watch 2 to monitor my heart rate 24 hours a day, and I will get continuous heart rate data. In addition to heart rate, Honor has launched the first premature beats screening function for the majority of users. It integrates the rule method based on expert experience and artificial intelligence algorithms to make accurate judgments on the beat-by-beat premature beat waveforms. It provides two modes of active measurement and automatic measurement to catch abnormalities in time Beat your heart early and take care of your heart health. Based on the statistical analysis data of Huawei Hire search cloud, in conjunction with the MAFA system of 301 Hospital, it provides closed-loop management services for users who are suspected of high risk of premature beat.

These suggestions and services need to be connected to the “Heart Health Research” APP released by the 301 Hospital, supporting the Honor Magic Watch2 and Honor / Huawei mobile phones before they can join the heart health research program. Of course, smartwatches are not medical devices, and the measurement data and results are for reference only. If you feel uncomfortable, go to the hospital early for examination.

Independent music player: a good sports partner

Sports must be accompanied by music. In addition to the rich sports mode records, the Honor Magic Watch2 also has 4GB of storage space, of which 2GB can be used to store about 500 MP3 songs locally. Import music to the watch on the mobile phone to be independent Play music and listen to songs without a mobile phone during sports. And it also supports the connection of Bluetooth headsets, you can see that I am connected to AirPods Pro, which can be used normally. In addition, it can also control the music playback of the phone.

The benefits of supporting the local music storage of the watch should be known to everyone. It is an unrestricted network and can be played independently. In the past few days of my test, I did not bring a mobile phone at night when I went out for a run. I used the watch to connect to wireless headphones to listen to songs.

Rich dial: support one-touch dial customization

The dial of a smartwatch is a very important application. Because everyone’s preferences and aesthetics are different, the Honor Magic Watch 2 dial market provides a large number of dials, including official, recommended boutiques, and paid creator dials. Long press is to enter the dial switch. The dial I used is the official default. The reason I chose this dial is that it displays all the information and it is clear at a glance, including time, weather, temperature, steps, heart rate, power, and altitude. At the same time, it also looks more like a professional sports watch.

It is believed that everyone has used or understood Huawei ’s touch, which is a very convenient and efficient way of interaction. The Honor Magic Watch 2 is equipped with one-touch transmission technology. If you have a good-looking picture that you have taken or saved on your phone, you can use NFC one-touch transmission to transform it into the background of the watch dial. The operation is simpler, more convenient, and smarter. For example, you can put a picture of your girlfriend, the beauty you have taken, or a picture that has meaning for yourself for a few years. Every time you look at your watch, you can see this meaningful picture. Are you very happy? However, it should be noted that the one-touch feature only supports Huawei / Honor EMUI 10.0 and above phones. If there is no EMUI 10.0, you can manually change the dial on the phone.

Life is in sports: rich professional sports modes

Life is in sports. As a sports smartwatch, Magic Watch2 supports a rich and professional record of multiple sports modes and supports 50 meters of water resistance. Swimming can also distinguish the swimming function of swimming in the pool and open water, supports automatic recognition of swimming style and stroke number, and automatically calculates the SWOLF swimming efficiency index. At the same time, it also supports data statistics of distance, time, calories, stroke frequency, and pace, so that you can understand yourself better during swimming. In particular, the Honor Magic Watch2 supports heart rate monitoring during swimming through the newly upgraded HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 optical heart rate, and professional swimmers can also use it in swimming training.


Can be seen in sports, there are outdoor, indoor running, outdoor, indoor walking, cycling, cycling, and other sports modes. During the exercise of wearing the watch, you can learn the meaning of the heart rate interval range, training effect, pace, cadence, and other information in real-time. That helps us develop good exercise habits. In addition, Honor Magic Watch2 also added voice guidance, data analysis before exercise, data record analysis during exercise, and professional advice after exercise will be broadcast and reminded by voice.

Honor Magic Watch 2 sports mode also added elliptical/rowing machine records. At the same time, in order to better record outdoor encounters, Honor Magic Watch2 provides professional data such as altitude/altitude/air pressure/climb / 3D distance/compass for outdoor sports Enthusiasts provide complete records. My favorite thing is to watch the altitude. It is very practical to go out often.

Honor Magic Watch 2 supports GPS and Beidou, and the positioning is more accurate. The screenshot below is my running track at night. You can see that in the city, even if there are obstacles such as tall buildings, the positioning of the movement track is still accurate, let alone outdoors. And during the running process, the watch will remind you by voice, let you pay attention to heart rate, pace, etc. After the exercise, you can see the heart rate, pace, pace, and altitude data curve and comprehensive analysis table, summarize and analyze your Exercise conditions so that you can achieve better exercise results in the future.

Kirin A1 chip: strong performance, low power consumption

Honor Magic Watch 2 uses Huawei’s Kirin A1 chip. It is a highly integrated heterogeneous chip design, multi-core, and efficient collaboration. And can achieve ultra-low-power computing and strong battery life under multi-sensor work such as sports, music, smart heart rate, sleep monitoring, etc. The experience makes the transmission of Honor Magic Watch 2 faster. With the intelligent power saving algorithm 2.0, the perfect balance between power consumption and performance. And, if it is not used for listening to songs and Bluetooth calls for a long time, no problem for two weeks. I used it for a week, and the power consumption was only 30%. During this period, I used it for 24 hours to test my heart rate and sleep.

The reason for such a long battery life is the new intelligent power-saving algorithm 2.0 mode. It can intelligently identify user usage scenarios, and at the same time reasonably allocate energy consumption according to different states. For example, standing, wearing, and sports, to achieve performance and power consumption. balance. This is stronger than the Apple Watch that rushes every day and the Xiaomi watch that rushes every two days at most. The phone can be punched at most a day. If you add a watch, it is quite annoying.

Multiple health management: real-time understanding of physical condition

Honor Magic Watch 2 has 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring. In an inactive state, the heart rate is higher than 100 bpm or lower than 50 bpm and lasts for more than 10 minutes. The user will receive a notification to help us detect whether there will be bradycardia. The situation of heart failure ensures that users can observe their physical health in real-time.

The sleep monitoring function must be indispensable. Wear Honor Magic Watch2 for the whole process of sleep quality monitoring. You can score sleep quality through real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep breathing quality, and big data analysis. The sleep monitoring is more accurate. Two consecutive nights. I didn’t sleep well on the first night. And, I participated in Michelin ’s activities the next day. So, I was more tired. The quality of sleep was better. You can see the scores inside and deep sleep is low. There are also many suggestions for improving sleep to help us improve sleep quality.

At the same time, Honor Magic Watch 2 also provides a pressure monitoring function. So, you can look at the pressure distribution at different times throughout the day. And, If you find that the current pressure is too high. So. you can try to start breathing training and release the pressure under the guidance of the watch. In daily life, symptoms caused by insufficient blood oxygen levels are not uncommon, such as fatigue, lethargy, listlessness, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat. Normal people’s blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) should not be less than 94%, below. 94% can be regarded as insufficient oxygen supply, then need to rest in time, severe cases need oxygen. Honor Magic Watch 2 uses real-time blood oxygen saturation detection data to remind users to pay attention to their physical status.

Pop-up notification, NFC brushing bus is more convenient

The message notification function of the watch is also very important. When not looking at the mobile phone, the remainder of the watch can let us not miss important information. Honor Magic Watch2 supports phone reminder functions such as incoming calls and messages (SMS, email, calendar, social applications). Moreover, it can intelligently classify notifications, and display important information directly on the bright screen. For example, when you call, you can directly choose to answer or reject it. Also, incoming messages will also be displayed in a pop-up window.

Huawei also cooperates with Alipay. The watch supports mobile scan code payment. At the same time, the watch supports NFC bus payment.

In general, I always think that smartwatches are a supplement to the use of mobile phones. So that they are used as a standalone device. The direction is a bit biased because, from the current point of view, smarter and clearer mobile phones with large screens are still the main devices of the portable. The future will not change for a long time. The smartwatch is currently not available in most areas of eSIM. It is a good solution to make calls through Super Bluetooth. At the same time, independent music playback, various sports, and heart rate monitoring are available. The long battery life of 2 weeks can also meet the needs of most users. Demand, Honor Magic Watch2 may be the smartwatch we need.

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